Red, for years now The Global Fund has been teaming up with companies around the world to promote and fight HIV/AIDS. With World Aids Day approaching, The Global Fund has teamed up with Apple in a recent effort to raise money to fight the deadly disease.

Not only is Apple contributing to the cause, Starbucks, Gap, and J Crew are joining the initiative to raise awareness and money for Aids. The deadly disease claims approximately one million lives a year. The goal of this years (Red) campaign is to raise awareness and research since many infected simply do not go tested due to embarrassment. Although there is no definitive cure to HIV/AIDS, there are ways to treat the disease to a certain extent.

Apple is using their most popular iOS applications which they will donate a proceed each (Red) promoted app to The Global Fund. “Participating apps for this promotion include Clash of Clans, Clear, Djay 2 and Monument Valley. Those apps include special in-app purchases based around the Product(RED) theme that users can purchase and contribute to the fund’s work. For example, users can purchase a special theme for Clear’s to-do list, or a pack of new levels for Monument Valley.”

The Global Fund had recently received funding from the Bill Gates Foundation to help fight and eradicate the Malaria epidemic around the world. With this (Red) program which runs until the 7th of December is expected to raise close to one hundred million dollars between Thanksgiving and the 7th.

Apple and The Global Fund expect to make the most during Black Friday since they will be cutting prices on the apps which are a part of the program but not cutting the donation amount. Apple will also be rolling out the Red campaign which is similar to the app initiative, but on a much larger scale.


For more information about Apple and The Global Fund’s (Red) program, and to donate please visit: GeekWire