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Global Fund provides $17M For HIV Programs

Even with all the support and money allocated to the fight against Malaria, AIDS, and Tuberculosis, The Global Fund is taking no chances and continuing to fight the deadly viruses which affect Africa and other Eastern countries. The Global Fund is going to allocate the $17 million to two organizations which are focused on the prevention and care for HIV/AIDS.

The first organization which will be receiving a budget of $11.4 million US dollars is, Key Populations – Representation, Evidence and Attitude Change for Health Impact’ (KP REACH). KP REACH will be focusing on countries which are most affected by HIV: South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and Malawi.

The second organization to receive funding is The Kenya AIDS NGO Consortium (KANCO). The organization will be funded $5.5 million US dollars to help with research to help curb the HIV rise. 

With drug usage a major concern, and the sharing of needles leading the epidemic. The money is expected to help the spread of dirty needles, as well as deter drug usage as a whole. This initiative is The Global Fund’s attempt to finally eradicate the deadly virus. As they look to fight off Malaria, HIV/AIDS is beginning to take a more prominent role in their eyes due to the numbers of lives being lost daily.

With the recent allocation, officials are hoping to get help from the states which are being given funds to truly take advantage and understand what is at hand.

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The Global Fund Money Squandered

Corruption and greed has lost The Global Fund and the countries Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan hundreds and thousands of dollars. The Global Fund had allocated a great deal of money to the two states which were eventually used improperly costing all three parties the donation. Vesti.KG reported the story initially, “The Global Fund demanded Kyrgyzstan compensate it for a loss of over $120,000. The Global Fund believes it has proof of theft of grants by various Kyrgyz state officials. A similar story — only with slightly larger sums of theft — was reported in neighboring Tajikistan two months ago and is still being poured over by local media.”

After The Global Fund launched an investigation with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) after the Fund realized the money was not being allocated properly. After the findings of the investigation, the Inspector General uncovered the had been incorrectly spending and allocating money through the Committee for Youth, Sports and Tourism of Tajikistan. The Global Fund then blacklisted the Committee from receiving any further funding. Even though the Tajikistan Committee accused is calling the reports false, after a full audit concluded that over $120 thousand of the $300 thousand given to the Committee had been either used wrongly or distributed to another organization. The Committee apparently worked with a very unorthodox company, Komyob, which used the money to purchase “non-health products such as MP3 and DVD-players, notebooks, pens and health insurance packages with prices inflated by an average of 118% when compared to the market value of the products.

With the missing money the Global Fund hopes to get their money back shortly so they can truly allocate it to a good cause which can save lives. For more information and news on The Global Fund, please visit Scott Filler‘s official website.

The Global Fund ‘All In’ To End AIDS

With AIDS the leading cause of deaths for adolescents in Africa, The Global Fund is pushing to go ‘all in’ against the deadly virus which has been declining over the past few years. The main concern for The Global Fund and African adolescents is the fact that only one in four of adolescents with AIDS are able to receive adequate treatment. The biggest concern for officials is the alarming rate of girls being affected by AIDS. According to AllAfrica.com, “Adolescent girls, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, are most affected. In South Africa in 2013, more than 860 girls became infected with HIV every week, compared to 170 boys. HIV is the leading cause of death among adolescents in Africa and young women are most affected. This is a moral injustice. I am calling on young people to lead the All In movement, alongside the United Nations, public and private partners, and countries themselves, to end the adolescent AIDS epidemic.”

Together with UNICEF and UNAIDS, The Global Fund are beginning to focus their attention on adolescents who were affected 10-15 years ago. The problem with those affected back then is they are unaware of the fact they even posses the deadly virus and could be passing it along without even knowing. Even though reaching these now adults is extremely difficult since there is no tell all sign someone has AIDS, the three groups will work in conjunction with one another to prevent the spread of the virus. They are also now reaching out and explaining the importance of getting tested to the youth of Africa. Teaching them that getting tested is important and could potentially save lives is the way to educate the youth.

All parties fully understand that getting rid of AIDS completely is unreasonable and hope to slowly knock down the number of affected and deaths. Together, all hope to receive fundings to help with the cause. This is a world problem where any donation can help.

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Global Fund Saves US $100 Million

Ever since the origin of The Global Fund, they have been working to save lives and fight world issues that no one else seemed to work or care for. Fortunately, for the US and the rest of the world, the work of The Global Fund has been saving countless lives and money. Over the next two years, The Global Fund will be saving the US just around $100 million.

The Global Fund will be purchasing HIV/AIDS medicine for patients in the US saving the country nearly $100 million. The Chief Procurement Officer for The Global Fund, Christopher Games explained the importance of public health safety, ” Savings from the new agreement on HIV medication are equivalent to providing anti-retroviral drugs to an additional 400,000 people for two years.” The importance of saving lives is more important than saving money for the Fund, which is why they are advocating and educating countries to take this approach to have readily available medicine and vaccines, not to save that extra dollar. 

The Fund believes, spending money now will yield, their goal is to hopefully wipe out HIV/AIDS by putting so much money towards medicine and teaching patients it is okay to go get tested and get proper medicine. In another statement from Games, “As well as expanding the supply of life-saving medicines, our new approach will provide deep and sustained savings, to the benefit of people living with HIV across the world.”

Although The Global Fund is spending so much to provide medicine, many people who have HIV are aware but do not get treated due to a fear that society will shun them. Fortunately for The Global Fund, they are able to team up with local organizations around the world to have them teach and recognize patients with HIV as humans and not someone who everyone should avoid.

The Fund has mobilized over $4 billion so far and are now in over 140 countries worldwide. This growth is exactly what The Global Fund set out to do. They want to spread knowledge and understand that money needs to be spent in order to stop this deadly virus. They have also partnered up with major organizations around the world, including: World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, and the Pan American World Organization. Together, they believe this is a fight they can win, and will work hard until this fight is won.


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Apple and Global Fund Come Together

Red, for years now The Global Fund has been teaming up with companies around the world to promote and fight HIV/AIDS. With World Aids Day approaching, The Global Fund has teamed up with Apple in a recent effort to raise money to fight the deadly disease.

Not only is Apple contributing to the cause, Starbucks, Gap, and J Crew are joining the initiative to raise awareness and money for Aids. The deadly disease claims approximately one million lives a year. The goal of this years (Red) campaign is to raise awareness and research since many infected simply do not go tested due to embarrassment. Although there is no definitive cure to HIV/AIDS, there are ways to treat the disease to a certain extent.

Apple is using their most popular iOS applications which they will donate a proceed each (Red) promoted app to The Global Fund. “Participating apps for this promotion include Clash of Clans, Clear, Djay 2 and Monument Valley. Those apps include special in-app purchases based around the Product(RED) theme that users can purchase and contribute to the fund’s work. For example, users can purchase a special theme for Clear’s to-do list, or a pack of new levels for Monument Valley.”

The Global Fund had recently received funding from the Bill Gates Foundation to help fight and eradicate the Malaria epidemic around the world. With this (Red) program which runs until the 7th of December is expected to raise close to one hundred million dollars between Thanksgiving and the 7th.

Apple and The Global Fund expect to make the most during Black Friday since they will be cutting prices on the apps which are a part of the program but not cutting the donation amount. Apple will also be rolling out the Red campaign which is similar to the app initiative, but on a much larger scale.


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