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Global Fund Saves US $100 Million

Ever since the origin of The Global Fund, they have been working to save lives and fight world issues that no one else seemed to work or care for. Fortunately, for the US and the rest of the world, the work of The Global Fund has been saving countless lives and money. Over the next two years, The Global Fund will be saving the US just around $100 million.

The Global Fund will be purchasing HIV/AIDS medicine for patients in the US saving the country nearly $100 million. The Chief Procurement Officer for The Global Fund, Christopher Games explained the importance of public health safety, ” Savings from the new agreement on HIV medication are equivalent to providing anti-retroviral drugs to an additional 400,000 people for two years.” The importance of saving lives is more important than saving money for the Fund, which is why they are advocating and educating countries to take this approach to have readily available medicine and vaccines, not to save that extra dollar.¬†

The Fund believes, spending money now will yield, their goal is to hopefully¬†wipe out HIV/AIDS by putting so much money towards medicine and teaching patients it is okay to go get tested and get proper medicine. In another statement from Games, “As well as expanding the supply of life-saving medicines, our new approach will provide deep and sustained savings, to the benefit of people living with HIV across the world.”

Although The Global Fund is spending so much to provide medicine, many people who have HIV are aware but do not get treated due to a fear that society will shun them. Fortunately for The Global Fund, they are able to team up with local organizations around the world to have them teach and recognize patients with HIV as humans and not someone who everyone should avoid.

The Fund has mobilized over $4 billion so far and are now in over 140 countries worldwide. This growth is exactly what The Global Fund set out to do. They want to spread knowledge and understand that money needs to be spent in order to stop this deadly virus. They have also partnered up with major organizations around the world, including: World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, and the Pan American World Organization. Together, they believe this is a fight they can win, and will work hard until this fight is won.


For more information on The Global Fund saving the US $100 million please visit: AllAfrica

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